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I made my own Mayonnaise!!!

I made my own Mayonnaise!!!

Oh my gosh, I made my own Mayo!!
I’ve always wondered how restaurants who have the fancifully labeled “Aioli” on their menus did it. And now I know.
We recently got a Vitamix blender. One of the best Valentines Day gifts – my husband sure knows how to show me love, through kitchen appliances. And I’m not being sarcastic!!! I love all things kitchen.
My first attempt at making the mayo, I didn’t actually read the instructions. I usually don’t! And so I poured in all the ingredients before starting the blender. Apparently, you need to add the oil slowly, or it doesn’t emulsify. So I ended up with a yellow oil spill in my tupperware.
Ok, try #2. Turned out beautifully. I was so delighted to see semi-solid sauce in my blender when I was done. I went straight-away to make a burger so I could use it!
I got the recipe from my Vitamix cookbook, but its also available online. Click here to see the full recipe


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