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28 before 29

That time of year has come, as the clock quickly ticks toward the end of December, we are inching closer and closer to a new year.  And a new birthday! Hoo Ra!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this blog post.  A friend of mine writes a post each year before her birthday making a list of resolutions that she wants to do before her next birthday.  I love that idea.  Because the list expands with age, the tasks are simple.  Yet each task has its purpose.

And just before I sat down to write this list, I read another fantastic article.  Ground shifting in fact.  I started following Jen Wilkin just a few weeks ago and I can already tell I am going to like her.  Her article is also based on the idea of setting resolutions, but centering them toward creating character development and ultimately glorifying God through the process.  In a post just a few days prior, she lists 5 lies and 5 truths about female body image that is just a slap in the face when you really need it.

After reading these, I’ve decided that I still want to write my list of 28 before 29.  But I really want to make this year a year of intention.  One that will focus on reshaping the things that bring me down and encouraging the things that lift others up.

  1. Read more books  5 books.  They say the average person stops reading once they leave high school, but there is so much to learn from books.
  2. Read through the Old Testament.  In addition to 5 books, I want to fill my heart and mind with God’s story.  I’ve been reading the bible via The Message, and have been amazed at how much more I understand and can see in my head.
  3. Find a cookbook that I enjoy and make at least 3/4ths of the recipes.
  4. Love more.
  5. Listen deeper.
  6. Put my husband before myself.
  7. Write 5 e-Cookbooks
  8. To become a woman of prayer
  9. Host a women’s night of prayer.  (In the works for April 4&5)
  10. Intentionally plan 10 date nights.
  11. Explore at least 5 new coffee shops.
  12. Take a digital sabbath each week for at least 6 hours (this does not include sleeping)
  13. To spend more time with my parents.
  14. Write letters/cards.
  15. Send a post card when I travel.
  16. Focus on who I am in Christ, and who He is making me to be.
  17. Stop hating my body, and start counting it’s blessings
  18. Make a painting
  19. Sew a skirt
  20. Have 3 new friends over for dinner whom we haven’t shared a meal with before.
  21. Wash my car once a month.
  22. Buy a stranger coffee.
  23. Share a meal with a stranger.
  24. Start looking into a Masters Degree.
  25. Start looking into the adoption process.
  26. Attend a bible study
  27. Sing in the rain.
  28. Go to Haiti.



About Katie Matheny

I am a teacher by day, and a wanna-be chef by night. I teach art and Spanish at a small school in Salem, Oregon to a fantastic group of soon-to-be world changers. I've loved cooking since I was a kid, and day dreamed while reading Betty Crocker's giant cookbooks. They were my picture books! I also work with a local non-profit that is doing some amazing things in Haiti. I have an amazing husband who I love to pieces. I love and serve Jesus, my King, and am striving to be a better example of who He is in myself. This is my life, in a few short words every-so-often. I hope you enjoy.

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  2. Having an end of year/beginning of year birthday is the best (for this), because it’s the perfect time to make our lists. 🙂 Love your list for this year!


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