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Sinner, what are you fighting for?

I read this quote today by Shane Claiborne ( I know ally quotes are coming from him
Lately, but that’s what I’m reading and the Holy Spirit is sure using it) “Rebirth means that we have a new paradigm of ‘us’ and ‘them.’ Our central identity is no longer biological…our new ‘us’ is the church, the people of God doing the will of the Father.” After reading this I just felt hugely convicted for myself. I am a new creation In Jesus and yet I am hanging on to things that are not allowing me to live in this new identity. If I truly believe in this King Jesus and I trust him with my life, soul and eternity, why am I not allowing him to work in the areas of sin in my life? Why am I holding on to them? Jesus calls me out from it, to release me from things that damage into a life that is healing. Jesus calls me away from a life where I am the center and into a life where he is the center.
I’m wrestling with this. I know what is right yet I don’t do it. I want to do what is right, the way The Lord laid it out so plainly in his word, yet I get caught up in the idea that my way is better. And although he graciously allows me to stumble and fall through that, and realize that his ways are better.
I just felt like I needed to confess that. I am a sinner, hungry for Gods grace and truth and communion.

And with this riding on the coat tails of Martin Luther King Jr. day, it really got me thinking, 

what am I fighting for?

Is it Jesus? Is it for the Kingdom? Is it for love? Is it for redemption? For  forgiveness? For peace? For reconciliation? For healing? For strong marriages? For our callings? For our relationship with our King? 

no, not lately

Lately, I’ve been planning a high school reunion.  Lately I’ve been worried about my body image.  Lately I’ve been thinking about myself and not about others.  

Why? Although both of those things have importance, they aren’t or at least shouldn’t be a priority.

I want to fight for something that matters. I am hungry for Jesus, I am hungry for people to see their value and worth in Him.  How he can transform lives.  But I need to live transformed.  If I love and live for this King who died so that I may live, I should at least live like I believe it.  

Lord, I want to live and breath and have my being in and for you.  Lord I am hungry for more of you. For your truth, for your grace, for your love.  I am a sinner.  I don’t trust.  I say I do, but I lie.  I want to put others above myself, I really truly do because I know how much better life is when I do, but I struggle.  I need your help, your strength, your grace.  Lord, how did you do it? How did you love so unconditionally, yet still hold so tightly to the truth? I want that conviction.  I want to be sold out like you Jesus.  I want to fight so that others may know you.  And know the real you.  Not the plastic Jesus that sits on a dashboard with the nickname Buddy.  But the real, faithful, strong, compassionate, trustworthy, persistent Jesus who is after our hearts and souls not because he’s crazy, but because He made us, and knows what is best for us. Lord, I want this! 



When your non-stick pans stick


When we got married, we were overwhelmingly blessed. People near and far, give us amazing gifts especially for a kitchen. Randy’s grandma bought us a set really high end pans that were considered “nonstick.” They are coated with green wear ceramic and are supposed to be better and non toxic- compared to tephlon. However, they didn’t hold up well to their name just after the exchange date ran out.

So what do you do? Scrubbing wore out my elbows.

I’m not sure how I found this, but boiling water in a pan with stuck on food really loosens the grim.
Seriously, try it!!


I have to confess

I want to eat everything in sight today that contains chocolate or sugar!  I knew keeping candy in my desk was a death sentence.  Seriously!

Re-frame your mind Katie

You’re not horrible, just off track. Get back on the health bus.

And in reality, I haven’t fallen off the health bus. Or rather my bus hasn’t fallen off the road.  Its just not moving forward. 
Here is to tomorrow.


Technology Sabbath

I love technology. It has done great things for me, my family, my friends, the world.  Seriously, I am so thankful for it.  I heard a sermon today that said “Love, in it’s essence is the giving of yourself away.  If someone watch you live for a month, what is it that they would say you LOVED?”

I love technology.  I give my self away to it day in and day out.  It is sick. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology for all of its upsides. I can be on a blog that maybe some people read… I can update files on my Google Drive account any where at any time. I can Facebook my face off. I gain so much. But I also loose so much. I loose time with my loved ones. I loose time with my God. I loose time with myself. I become dependent. I can’t remember much anymore, because I NEED my iPhone calendar to do it for me. I am able to do so much more, because I have so many tools to help me, but is doing more really a good thing?

I read this article “Why I’m getting a Divorce in 2014.” Read it. It’s good. It will make you think. But don’t read the comments. Some people can be jerks, and say disrespectful things.  I often wish people commented on my blog, but then again I don’t.  I don’t want to deal with jerk comments. 

If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Apparently, their parents never taught them that.  Or they have abandoned that logic entirely. Either way.

But on the bright side, I found a link in the comments to a Sabbath Manifesto.    I wrote in my 28 before 29 list that I want to take a technology sabbath for 6 hours at least once a week.  I think I want to do this whole list at least once a week. Seriously.  I miss having friends. Friends who were so busy.  Friends who weren’t dependent on their technology to keep them busy.  I miss saying “Hey, I’m coming over.” and we would actually hang out.  Now sometimes we just sit there, with our phones, updating our status and posting pictures with hashtags about all the fun we are having!!! Really, we do that. We all do that. And I’m sure you’re shaking your head in agreence that you do this too. 

What has been hard for you about technology? What are you missing out because of what you’ve gained? Is it worth it?

Sunday Funday

I hear people say that phrase “Sunday Funday” a lot.  And that was exactly what today was.  We’ve been pretty pumped about this McMennamin’s Passport thing.  So we hit up 25 spots… yes I said 25.  And we only spent $3.75 for a beer.  But what we gained was two appetizers, two pint glasses, two growlers and $26 in gift cards to fill it up.  This is making to be weekends full of adventure.  Its super fun doing it with my husband too.  He is a walking, or shall I say driving, GPS.  He knows his way around any place, and I get lost in my own house.  I’m so thankful for his skills.  So with him knowing his away around the city, we were able to quickly navigate around.  

As far as my whole 30 goes, it was a fun day.  Not crazy, but fun.  I had the hummus plate, and swapped out pita bread for more veggies.  They came pickled. And I had a few of Randy’s fries.  On top of that, I had a few ounces of hard cider that we filled our growler with.  But that is about it folks.  I kept it in moderation.  

What did you do this weekend, to help your health goals? How did it go? 

Home Made Fro Yo!

Seriously, I have a weakness for Frozen Yogurt! Its sooooo good, its bad.  And even though there are 100s of flavors, I always regret it if I don’t just get Tart.

The down side of tart from my favorite yogurt shop, is that each ounce has 7 grabs of sugar carbs.  So i was set on a mission to see if I could make my own, with a little lower carb count.


To make this, take your favorite non fat Greek Yogurt (I use the Kirkland one from Costco with only 10 carbs per cup).  Fill an empty ice cube tray.  I find it best to fill each cube only half way full. This makes for smaller cubes which will be easier to blend later.  Let set for about an hour.  You want the cubes to be firm but not rock solid.

Once they are to that “firm” state, dump them in your blender with 2 Tbsp real maple syrup.  I also add in about 2 Tbsp water.  Blend until pureed.

Enjoy with your favorite toppings.

All in all, it breaks down to about 4 carbs per ounce (if you use the Kirkland Greek Yogurt). And it is significantly cheaper than $.37 an ounce.  And another good thing, I can eat this in my PJs if I really want to… although that hasn’t stopped me before from going out for yogurt… yes i did just admit that.


What foods have you had at restaurants that you’ve tried to make at home — either for healthier or cheaper versions?


Vegetarian Breakfast Quiche

Tomorrow is our church’s New Years Breakfast.  I completely forgot about this until I got the reminder email, so I scrambled to find something to make.  Turned out to be a fantastic recipe.


Vegetarian Breakfast Quiche

  • 1 tbsp butter + 1/2 tbsp
  • 1 small onion, diced
  • 1 medium sweet potato, scrubbed and diced
  • 1 large handful of greens, I used Power Greens, you can use kale, chard, spinach
  • 1/3 cup egg whites
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 ounces of bree or cream cheese
  • 1 tsp ground garlic
  • 1/4 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp rosemary
  1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees.  Melt 1 tbsp butter in a cast iron skillet or large frying pan over medium-high heat.  Brown onions and sweet potatoes.  Stir occasionally.
  2. Chop up greens, when potatoes are golden brown fold into the pan.
  3. Butter a pie dish to keep quiche from sticking.  (You can also spray with cooking spray). Once greens are wilted add into the pie dish.
  4. In a blender, whip egg whites, eggs, cheese, garlic, pepper, salt and rosemary.  Once frothy, pour over vegetables.  Bake for 30 minutes.  Allow to rest for 5 minutes before slicing.
  5. Enjoy!


P.S.  Since I’m trying to keep myself accountable here…. today was another great day. I’m really starting to feel amazing.  My energy has gone back up, I’m not hungry all the time and I’m sleeping better.  To be honest though, I am doing my Whole 30 challenge with a bit of modification.  I am eating dairy in moderation, and peanuts in moderation.  I haven’t found either of those to bother me in the past when I’ve eaten clean/paleo.

The Humbled Homemaker

Wow, I just read a post from The Humbled Homemaker. And wow, just wow.  I am so impressed with her honesty.  Please read it. It is worth it.  She talks about how sometimes, the wholesome, organic, fair trade foods we really want to afford, we just cant.  I want, pray and desire to be less judgmental and more graceful like her.  

So today was day two of my version of Whole 30.  It went well.  I actually ate on a regular basis.  I think the best part about doing this, it is going to force us to eat in more.  We liked to think that we didn’t eat out much… because there are so many that eat out more than us.  But honestly we ate out a lot. And it shows in our bank account.  Especially after reading Erin’s article, I really want to focus this month on reshaping not just how we eat, but how we spend our money (on what we eat and drink). 

Its so hard, just like Erin said. It comes down to pride.  I hold so pridefully how others perceive me.  Even thought I will say that I don’t. I do. I don’t want people to know that our household doesn’t make 6 figures as a teacher and a student. I guess because it can be embarrassing. But the funny thing is that I’m not embarrassed to share this with my friends.  But its with people I don’t know and probably never will that I am embarrassed by this.  Weird.  

Anyway, all that to say, although we are pretty cautious to not spend like we have that kind of gold in the bank, but I know we can always do better.  So I am adding that into my resolution this month.  January is my month to restart.

Tropical Chicken Salad



I was feeling very tropical today.  Basically I was hoping for sunshine since it is so cold.  Hopefully this fun salad warms up inside with beautiful rays of sunshine!

Tropical Chicken Salad

  • 2 cooked chicken breasts
  • 1 ½ cups cubed pineapple
  • ½ cup diced onion
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 2 tsp dried tarragon
  • 1/3 cup of mayonnaise
  • 1 orange
  • 4 cups of your greens of choice


  1. Diced the cooked chicken breast into ½ inch pieces.  Place in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Over medium heat, brown the pineapple and onions with the butter until golden brown.  The sugar in the pineapple will help to caramelize the onions.  *For someone who is not an onion lover, this helps neutralize the sharp flavors of the onion. 
  3. Once the fruit is browned, toss with the chicken.  Add in the tarragon and mayonnaise. 
  4. To segment your orange, cut off both stem and flower ends so that they can sit flat on the cutting board.  Run your knife along the sides to cut off the peel and pith.  Next, you can either run your knife along the segment membranes to release the orange without membrane.  Or for something a bit easier, cut the orange flesh in half, and dice.  Because you have removed the pith, the membranes are barely noticeable. 
  5. Squeeze any additional juice from the peels you cut off.  Fold the oranges in with the chicken salad.  Serve over your favorite bed of greens, or in lettuce leaves. 

Day 1

Quick update,short because I’m exhausted, but I’m doing it because I said I would.  Someone has to hold me accountable.

Today went great in the sense that I ate great, whole foods.  But it went poorly in the sense that I didn’t eat much.  I had a great breakfast, but then after working out didn’t have time to eat, which is a big no no… and my body was functioning on caffeine and God’s grace. I was in a long meeting today for Ncompass.  (Big things happening here!!!) and then had a sparatic coffee date with a friend and her daughter, and then ran home before House Church.  Thank goodness for Lara Bars.  But I will plan better tomorrow.

Speaking of house church.  We had a great discussion tonight on “The Cost of Discipleship.”  We were asked, what does that cost look like? And we really had to prayerfully sit there in silences for a few minutes to come up with a good answer.  And yet, all of our answers were different.  For me, right now, it is dying to self.  Loosing my identity in ME, and finding it fresh and new again in my Savior.  Once I get to the other side of each situation, I know that my way is not the right way, but His way is, yet it is SO HARD TO SEE THAT on the one side of the fence.  Others said that its loosing your pride. Or loosing friends and family who disagree with you. Others said it was having a calling that might not be what society deems as worthy.  I love my house church, or missional community rather.  They are such a great group of honest, and dear people.  So thankful for them.

How would you describe “The Cost of Discipleship?”

p.s.  our team came home today from Haiti!  Praise Jesus for the amazing things they were able to accomplish.  Hopefully I’ll have a moment to type something out about that.  But in the mean time, enjoy this great photo of a memorial mural the kids painted for Jackson.  Image

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