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The Humbled Homemaker

Wow, I just read a post from The Humbled Homemaker. And wow, just wow.  I am so impressed with her honesty.  Please read it. It is worth it.  She talks about how sometimes, the wholesome, organic, fair trade foods we really want to afford, we just cant.  I want, pray and desire to be less judgmental and more graceful like her.  

So today was day two of my version of Whole 30.  It went well.  I actually ate on a regular basis.  I think the best part about doing this, it is going to force us to eat in more.  We liked to think that we didn’t eat out much… because there are so many that eat out more than us.  But honestly we ate out a lot. And it shows in our bank account.  Especially after reading Erin’s article, I really want to focus this month on reshaping not just how we eat, but how we spend our money (on what we eat and drink). 

Its so hard, just like Erin said. It comes down to pride.  I hold so pridefully how others perceive me.  Even thought I will say that I don’t. I do. I don’t want people to know that our household doesn’t make 6 figures as a teacher and a student. I guess because it can be embarrassing. But the funny thing is that I’m not embarrassed to share this with my friends.  But its with people I don’t know and probably never will that I am embarrassed by this.  Weird.  

Anyway, all that to say, although we are pretty cautious to not spend like we have that kind of gold in the bank, but I know we can always do better.  So I am adding that into my resolution this month.  January is my month to restart.


About Katie Matheny

I am a teacher by day, and a wanna-be chef by night. I teach art and Spanish at a small school in Salem, Oregon to a fantastic group of soon-to-be world changers. I've loved cooking since I was a kid, and day dreamed while reading Betty Crocker's giant cookbooks. They were my picture books! I also work with a local non-profit that is doing some amazing things in Haiti. I have an amazing husband who I love to pieces. I love and serve Jesus, my King, and am striving to be a better example of who He is in myself. This is my life, in a few short words every-so-often. I hope you enjoy.

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