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And breathe……

Monday…. oh Monday…

Usually Mondays are like any other day, I’m just a tinge more groggy.  But this Monday was different.  Be it that this was the first Monday we’ve had in three weeks.  Snow Day, then MLK day.  And it just so happens that our school’s auction is this Saturday.  Cruch time.  

Every year, I face this week in a mild panic/crunch mode/we’re going to play games all week because Mrs. Matheny has too many projects to juggle. And so each year, I try and start auction projects earlier and earlier.  I started in October for Pete’s sake this year, and my goal was to have them all done before Christmas break.  Cough…. that goal didn’t really come to pass.

Anyway, my head has been buried deep in my pile of projects and I’m just about to surface.  Most of them are coming out better than expected!!  But this morning, I got a gentle reminder that things can get crazy when you least expect it.

Although, I should be expecting it by this point.

Last year, one week before the auction, with three loads to fire, our kiln’s temperature gauge just up and died!!! 

This year, a project melted!!

So I had to stop, stop and breathe.  There are much bigger problems in the world.  Worst thing that would happen is that the first graders would have one less project.  Worst thing.  No one died, no one would get hurt.  Its not that big of a deal. 

And really it wasn’t. I’m making a bigger mockery of it than it sounds… although it is fun to get very dramatic in my writing.  

ImageYikes!!!  Simple mistake really, but it was not something anyone was hoping to see this close to a deadline. 

Thank God for my amazing husband, who on his day off ran out to the clay store to pick up some new plates for me.  So tonight, with some good music and a bowl of chocolate chips, I set to work to redo these projects!!


Here are some more pictures of some non-melted finished projects.

I am really looking forward to Saturday night, to officially be done with this years projects.  And to enjoy them in all their lime-light.  

And to start planning for next year.


5th and 6th grade ceramics



Kindergarten collaged wall art


3rd and 4th grade Ceramics


3rd and 4th grade collage wall art Image

3rd and 4th grade ceramicsImage

7th and 8th grade collage wall art


1st grade outdoor Scrabble Board

*complete with tiles made on a 3D printer!!!




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