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When your non-stick pans stick


When we got married, we were overwhelmingly blessed. People near and far, give us amazing gifts especially for a kitchen. Randy’s grandma bought us a set really high end pans that were considered “nonstick.” They are coated with green wear ceramic and are supposed to be better and non toxic- compared to tephlon. However, they didn’t hold up well to their name just after the exchange date ran out.

So what do you do? Scrubbing wore out my elbows.

I’m not sure how I found this, but boiling water in a pan with stuck on food really loosens the grim.
Seriously, try it!!

Kombucha… Kitchen Experiments

I’m not sure when it happened.  I’m not sure how. But I feel in love with a drink… KOMBUCHA!

This tart, tangy, vinegary drink has won me over.  It reminds me of hard apple cider, yet less sugar, only a slight smidgen of alcohol, and lots and lots of good-for-you bacteria.  Think of it as a liquid cider-like yogurt! YUM!!!

Bad news, each bottle can run you around $3-4 a pop.  Its worth it, don’t get me wrong.  But at the rate I was wanting to drink it, I needed to learn how to make this myself.  I added it to my summer bucket list.  But alas, I am an over achiever.  I started two weeks early.  I picked up a starter kit at Whole Foods, made by Oregon Kombucha. You can always ask around for a starter scoby from a friend who is brewing their own.

In the process of getting my starter kit, I did lots of research to learn all that I could about this magical drink.  In short terms, Kombucha is fermented sweet tea.  You add a mother bacteria, aka SCOBY : symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.  The scoby eats the sugar and turns the sweet tea into Kombucha.  In the process of eating up the sugar, the momma scoby grows a baby scoby. And then this baby scoby can be used to make a new batch of Kombucha.  And then it will have a baby scoby and so on and so forth.  The cycle continues.  Its sooo cool to watch this crazy think grow in your kitchen.  I can only imagine that this would be wonderfully cool to do once we have kids.  I wish I would have done this in my cooking class this last year.


Ok, so remember how I said earlier that I am an over achiever.  Well, I have to admit some mistakes I made along the way.  You know its best to learn from other people’s mistakes.  So I don’t mind sharing.

So my kit came with one cup of sugar, meant to be dissolved into one gallon of hot tea.  Well, I thought, why not get two birds with one stone, or rather brew two gallons with one scoby.  Apparently my momma scoby wasn’t big enough to brew it fast enough and 3 weeks in my tea was still pretty sweet, although tangy.  My friend Allie, also a Kombucha brewer suggested that I split up my new baby scoby into smaller batches of Kombucha, it should take less time to do less work.  So tonight, I’m trying that.


I sanitized 5 ball jars.  Added the mother scoby to one jar and split the baby into 4 pieces.  Cover with a paper towel and jar ring and lets check it in a week.  I am soooo looking forward to drinking a nice iced glass of this.

Ok, and I’m sure you are all wondering, (because I was as I looked at lots of other blogs) what the heck does the scoby feel like.  To be honest, it felt like a chicken breast!

Prior to feeling the scoby myself, I ran across a very interesting article that suggested a recipe for making the left over scoby into jerky.  At first, I was quite perplexed, but after feeling it…. I can kind of see how this might pass off.  People eat cheese and tofu right…

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