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I’m reading “Irresistible Revolution” by Shane Claiborne. Andee I know you *heart* him!
Anyway, he says something about faith that threw my mind for a tail spin and really makes be question myself and how the common term of “faith” is preached and used throughout the Western Church. Claiborne says in a nut shell that faith is “a complete trust, unquestioned loyalty and confident allegiance.” He begs the question “who are we loyal/faithful to.”
So often when I think of faith and hear others talk about it- it’s regarding faith that “God is in control” “God will provide” “God will protect” ect. And while I believe that those embody faith in a sense – more so belief. When by Claiborne and the dictionary’s standard, faith has more to do with me and my actions than it does Gods. Faith is loyalty to God whether he protects or provides. Faith and belief, one in the same? Or are they not?

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