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Shopping for a wedding

This coming Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I am catering a wedding. Yea I just said it.

I am catering a wedding!

WHAT!!!! I am pretty excited about this.  I can put my cooking skills to the test.

I spent this morning pouring over my recipes, and writing up my shopping list for this big grocery adventure.  I love grocery shopping so today is going to be extravagant!! 1462992_762393580508_982953177_n

Here is what’s on the menu:

  • Crostinis with a figgy-cherve spread and smoked salmon
  • Spinach and squash cups
  • Honey-balsamic chicken satay
  • Spicy squash, sausage and spinach soup
  • Cheese fondue
  • Hot baked artichoke dip
  • Cucumber and cherve tea sandwiches
  • Turkey and cranberry tea sandwiches
  • PBJ tea sandwiches

I’m pretty excited to pull this off.  Stay tuned to see pictures of how this spread turns out.  If you’ve cooked for a crowd of 30 or more, let me know any tips or tricks you’ve done to pull this off.

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More Photos from the Wedding


Wedding Hoopla!!

Wedding Hoopla!!

Congratulations Dan and Vana! A beautiful night for beautiful people. It was truly a night of thanksgiving. A feast for kings. You would be shocked to know I didn’t take pictures of my food, although it was too good for words. Turkey, lamb, squash and corn-taters. Yum yum!! Beautifully decorated too. Vana had sown little squares together to make garland, and panted really rad geometric and graphic patterns to plywood for their backdrop.
I was telling my mom that it’s way more fun to go to family events as a adult. Not only can we drink lots of wine now, but we actually talk!! And I like these people. As kids we were so spread out by age or location that we had little to talk about. But now we are significantly less awkward and we know how communicate beyond our internal family shananagins. I’m glad we got to spend the evening together, welcoming another one to the clan.

PS- check out The Colony. It was a really sweet, very “Portland” venue.

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